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Main Tree House

The main treehouse is equipped with all the modern amenities including off the grid electric system, running hot and cold water, propane fridge, four sinks in the kitchen and a state approved composting toilet. The open air kitchen below comes with built in furniture and food cabinets, plus concrete countertops. The oversized shower and bathtub fit two adults comfortably and there is even a concrete fish that cascades the water into the tub for that old school romance you may desire. The treehouse was built in 2005 and is made primarily of Norfolk pine harvested from the property. We are proud to say that the treehouse weathered the Big Islands 7.2 earthquake with zero damage. This quake closed some buildings on the big island and Maui for months. The tree house roof is built separately and floats across the main part of the building letting it withstand such events like earthquakes and large storms with ease. Barely visible through the forest the treehouse lets you have a view of the woods and nobody to have a view of you. It is not visible from the road. Above you can see the living room table and sofa that coverts into a queen size bed. The concept was inspired by the current owners love for sailboat construction. Everywhere you look in this house there is remarkable creativity and professional craftsmanship. To the Right, this “Kong Bench” is the centerpiece of the open air kitchen. Visitors to your new home will insist that you take their photo here and return home to share it with friends. The Kong Bench is complimented by a solid rose-tiger marble table in the foreground, with matching stools, this marble masterpiece is included with the sale of this unique property. This table was imported from Thailand and bought for $3,000 in 2008. The top alone weighs 600 pounds. Care for the table is quite simple: wipe off and occasional oil with olive oil for a beautiful glossy finish. The Kong bench is also hewn from your own Norfolk Pine forest. Note,  the tiger striping is unique to the Norfolk wood and is what makes it a coveted material for all island woodworkers. The wood also easily wipes down and has been sealed from the elements yearly. The door to the main treehouse is solid norfolk pine planks. Virtually impossible to break through, it gives your new abode a sense of safety that lesser doors lack. It also is another example of the love and craftsmanship that was put into every corner of this structure. One of the showcase items of the main treehouse is the Norfolk planked wood deck and railings that wrap around on two sides of the house. It is what makes you realize you have just walked into your very own Swiss Family Robinson Fairy tale life. Another efficient concept implemented in the tree house is inset and directed lighting. An example is shown in the picture of the home office workstation above. The vintage 1950′s yellow chairs are also included in the sale of the property, as are all window coverings and light fixtures- (Except one small family heirloom lamp, that is pictured above the marble table.) 

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